Values and culture

Our values and culture drive how we attract, develop, remunerate, engage, and retain diverse top talent.  We are enhance our culture through high levels of employee engagement, offering an appealing employee experience and caring about employee well-being.

Our culture is based on a set of key enablers that we co-created with all employees. These key enablers determine what we need to do more of and key disablers we need to do less of. We combine a culture of continuous improvement and performance excellence with client-centricity to build and maintain:

  • Relationships of trust with our clients
  • A transformed and evolved holistic customer experience
  • Leadership that is knowledgeable and inspiring
  • Employee excellence through empowerment, growth and development of our people
  • Speed, accuracy and quality
  • Global operating standard which enable us to grow exponentially
  • Focus on building South Africa’s economic growth and sustainability

Values are the heart of our culture, they guide who we are and the behaviour we want to see in our organisation.